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NEW RETRO Adjustable Swivel office desk chair in Velvet Silver Base Blue Grey Green Pink Black

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Lush Furniture Presents:

Stylish and retro inspired office/ desk swivel chair. Its very practical qualities, enhance the class of the whole. Velvet fabric, swivel seat, mobile base with height adjustment, are just a handful of many advantages. The delicate stitching that the chair has been enriched with gives it chic and finesse. Thanks to the durable raw materials from which it was made, will serve you for many seasons, and its advantages will allow you to use for several hours - both in the home office and the room of the teenager. Thanks to the base completed with the right height and very comfortable armrests, which have been enriched with chrome details, forming a coherent whole with the base, it appears not only chic, but elegantly and dignified at the same time.

seat - velour fabric
base - chrome steel

seat available in - light blue, dark blue, green,pink, grey, black
base - chrome
Width 58 cm
Length 53 cm
Height 77-87 cm
Seat width 45 cm
Seat length 42 cm
Seat height 42-53 cm

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