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NEW Unusual Beautiful Elegant Designer Gold and Grey Wings Dining Office Desk Chair

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The extremely original WINGS chair is an excellent decoration of many interiors. The backrest in the shape of impressive wings makes the piece of furniture work not only as a functional solution, but also as an interesting arrangement supplement. The seat is covered with velour fabric, which is considered a symbol of elegant finish. When in contact with light, the material shimmers with a thousand colours, making it ideal for luxurious interiors. Velour is a soft-touch fabric, so it provides the right comfort when using a chair. The base, on the other hand, is made of chrome steel. The four slim legs not only take on the design stably, but also make it look light and shapely. Wings chair is kept in an invaluable colour combination, so it will look beautiful as an original and elegant addition to various arrangements. The light grey seat works well with the golden shade of the base.

Width 48 cm
Length 57 cm
Height 81 cm
Seat width 48 cm
Seat length 42 cm
Seat height 47 cm
backrest height - 40 cm

seat - velour fabric
frame - chrome steel

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